Nigel R. Merrett

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Nigel R. Merrett

Beschriebene Taxa


  • Haedrich. R.L. & Merrett, N.R. 1988. Summary atlas of deep-living demersal fishes in the North Atlantic Basin. Journal of Natural History, 22 (5): 1325-1362. Zitatseite 
  • Balushkin, A.V. & Merrett, N.R. 1996. Reexamination of type specimens of Notothenia ramsayi Regan, 1913, (Nothotheniidae, Perciformes) and the subdivision of them into two species: Patagonotothen ramsayi (Regan, 1913) and P. kreffti (Balushkin and Stehmann, 1993). Voprosy Ikhtiologii, 36 (4): 543-545. / Journal of Ichthyology, 36 (7): 533-535. Zitatseite 
  • Iwamoto, T. & Merrett, N.R. 1997. Pisces Gadiformes: Taxonomy of grenadiers of the New Caledonian region, southwest Pacific. Mémoires du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris (N. S.) (Série A) Zoologie, #176: 473-570. Zitatseite 
  • Adam, M.S., Merrett, N.R. & Anderson, R.C. 1998. Additions to the fish fauna of the Maldive Islands, part 1: an annotated checklist of the deep demersal fishes of the Maldive Islands. Ichthyological Bulletin of the J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology, 67 (1): 1–19. Zitatseite 
  • Nielsen, J.G. & Merrett, N.R. 2000. Revision of the cosmopolitan deep-sea genus Bassozetus (Pisces: Ophidiidae) with two new species. Galathea Report, 18: 7-56, Pl. 1. (PDF) Zitatseite