Emmanuel Vreven

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Emmanuel Vreven

  • Royal Museum for Central Africa, Leuvensesteenweg 13, B-3080 Tervuren, Belgium.
  • E-mail: emmanuel.vreven@africamuseum.be

Beschriebene Taxa



  • Vreven, E.J. & Teugels, G.G. 1997. Aethiomastacembelus traversi, a new spiny-eel from the Zaïre River basin, Africa (Synbranchiformes: Mastacembelidae). Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, 8 (1): 81-87. Zitatseite 


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  • Skelton, P.H., Swartz, E.R. & Vreven, E.J. 2018. The identity of Barbus capensis Smith, 1841 and the generic status of southern African tetraploid cyprinids (Teleostei, Cyprinidae). European Journal of Taxonomy, 410: 1–29. (doi) Zitatseite 
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  • Bragança, P.H.N., Smith, T.G., Vreven, E.J.W.M.N. & Chakona, A. 2020. Integrative taxonomy reveals hidden diversity in the southern African darters genus Nannocharax Günther 1867 (Characiformes: Distichodontidae). Journal of Fish Biology, 97 (6): 1713-1723. (doi) Zitatseite 
  • Bragança, P.H.N., van der Zee, J.R., Sonnenberg, R. & Vreven, E.J.W.M.N. 2021. Description of two new miniature species of Hylopanchax Poll & Lambert, 1965 (Cyprinodontiformes: Procatopodidae) from northeastern Gabon, with an updated diagnosis of the genus based on morphology, colouration and osteology. Journal of Fish Biology, 98 (3): 655-667. Vorab publiziert: 30. Oktober 2020. (doi) Zitatseite 
  • Kisekelwa, T., Snoeks, J. & Vreven, E. 2020. An annotated checklist of the fish fauna of the river systems draining the Kahuzi-Biega National Park (Upper Congo: eastern DR Congo). Journal of Fish Biology, 96 (3): [1-22] 700-721. (doi) Zitatseite