Albert Chakona

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Albert Chakona

  • South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, Private Bag 1015, Grahamstown 6140, South Africa.
  • E-mail:

Beschriebene Taxa



  • Chakona, A. & Skelton, P.H. 2017. A review of the Pseudobarbus afer (Peters, 1864) species complex (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) in the eastern Cape Fold Ecoregion of South Africa. ZooKeys, 657: 109–140. (doi) Zitatseite 
  • Martin, M.B. & Chakona, A. 2019. Designation of a neotype for Enteromius pallidus (Smith, 1841), an endemic cyprinid minnow from the Cape Fold Ecoregion, South Africa. ZooKeys, 848: 103–118. (doi) Zitatseite 


  • Bragança, P.H.N., Van Zeeventer, R.N., Bills, R., Tweddle, D. & Chakona, A. 2020. Diversity of the southern Africa Lacustricola Myers, 1924 and redescription of Lacustricola johnstoni (Günther, 1894) and Lacustricola myaposae (Boulenger, 1908) (Cyprinodontiformes, Procatopodidae). ZooKeys, 923: 91-113. (doi) Zitatseite 
  • Bragança, P.H.N., Smith, T.G., Vreven, E.J.W.M.N. & Chakona, A. 2020. Integrative taxonomy reveals hidden diversity in the southern African darters genus Nannocharax Günther 1867 (Characiformes: Distichodontidae). Journal of Fish Biology, 97 (6): 1713-1723. (doi) Zitatseite 
  • Sifundza, D.S., Chakona, A. & Kadye, W.T. 2020. Distribution patterns and habitat associations of Sandelia bainsii (Teleostei: Anabantidae), a highly threatened narrow‐range endemic freshwater fish. Journal of Fish Biology, First published: 08 October 2020. (doi) Zitatseite