Carl D. Struthers

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Carl D. Struthers

  • Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, PO Box 467, Wellington, New Zealand.

Beschriebene Taxa


  • Gomon, M.F., Struthers, C.D. & Stewart, A.L. 2013. A New Genus and Two New Species of the Family Aulopidae (Aulopiformes), Commonly Referred to as Aulopus, Flagfins, Sergeant Bakers or Threadsails, in Australasian Waters. Species Diversity, 18: 141–161. (Abstract) Zitatseite 
  • Gomon, M.F. & Struthers, C.D. 2015. Three new species of the Indo-Pacific fish genus Hime (Aulopidae, Aulopiformes), all resembling the type species H. japonica (Günther 1877). Zootaxa, 4044 (3): 371-390. (Abstract) Zitatseite 
  • Struthers, C.D. 2015. 219 Family Callionymidae (pp. 1556-1559), 220 Family Draconettidae (pp. 1560-1561), 226 Family Zanclidae (pp. 1589-1590), 227 Family Acanthuridae (pp. 1591-1596), 238 Family Tetragonuridae (pp. 1670-1671), 245 Family Balistidae (pp. 1714-1715). In:
  • Roberts, C. D., Stewart, A.L. & Struthers, C.D. (eds) 2015. The Fishes of New Zealand. Volume Four. Systematic Accounts. Te Papa Press, New Zealand. 4: 1153-1748. Zitatseite  Zitatseite 
  • Trnski, T., Duffy, C.A.J., Francis, M.P., McGrouther, M.A., Stewart, A.L., Struthers, C.D. & Zintzen, V. 2015. Recent collections of fishes at the Kermadec Islands and new records for the region. Bulletin of the Auckland Museum, 20: 463–480. (PDF) Zitatseite 
  • Motomura, H., Causse, R. & Struthers, C.D. 2016. Redescription of the Indo-Pacific scorpionfish Scorpaenodes guamensis (Quoy & Gaimard 1824) (Scorpaenidae), a senior synonym of seven nominal species. Zootaxa, 4067 (3): 345-360. Zitatseite